Finding Support for Sobriety

The decision to enter a residential addiction recovery program is a personal one. Seeking the right treatment in the right location can set the tone for the rest of your life. Getting to know yourself again after months or years of living under the influence of a behavior-altering substance can be difficult and often painful, so you will need to asses what your needs are and whether or not you will require any specific treatments. Since recovery facilities can differ in their approach to treatment, it is a good idea to research what types of facilities exist in your area. 

Sober Living Homes

If you have already been in treatment for some time and are looking for a good way to relearn having true independence and self-responsibility, it may be beneficial to consider a place that will provide a supportive environment while also offering freedom to come and go (within reason) so that you can make the necessary arrangements to return to your life. For example, if you are looking for Sober living homes Rockville md, there are options available that furnish internet access for job searches. Living quarters are shared and supportive relationships are strongly encouraged within the house.

Faith Based Training Centers

Some people who struggle with addiction are also looking for a higher power for their healing. While these programs are compassionate and teach humility, they are also much more restrictive and structured. The core cause of the addiction is rooted out and addressed in order to prevent relapse into addiction. Residents are given rules by which they must abide and are expected to follow a tight schedule for counseling, working and religious services. Dress codes are enforced, contact with the outside world is limited and anything considered by staff to be personal, frivolous drama is not tolerated.