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Marriage Made Better; The Promise of Couple Counselling

Have you felt like your love story started like that of Romeo and Juliet only to die down after settling together for a while? It happens to most people. Feelings do have a shorter shelf life although that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road where marriage is concerned. One is to commit and create something beautiful together and the other is to part ways. Most people would leave out of the false belief that the love is gone not knowing that love life has just begun. There is a huge chance of getting that conclusion challenged in counselling as well as getting a new lease as far as marriage life is concerned.

The aim of couple counselling is to enhance the couples connection. An opportunity to tell the love story as it were before is offered to the couple. This gives that tick and brings back great memories. A chance is then given for them to illustrate how the situation got so dire. This gives insight to the counsellor on how to go about the process of reuniting the couple in tailor made manner. There is the part of identifying the endgame of what they would like their marriage to be and with that information on the table, the therapist has all the tools they need to facilitate the healing process.

Conflict resolution procedures form the next point of address. Problems are magnified where lack of equally problematic ways are used to go about them. It’s harder for people to admit fault when they feel blamed for something but if better ways were used explain the problem things would have been different. Better courses of action in the face of problems that arise is what counselling seeks to help couples achieve. Tolerance, forgiveness and trust are built this way. While it might be hard to go past issues like affairs among many others one-ness, intimacy, respect and trust can be with time re-established with better conflict approaches.

Some relationships may not be salvageable. The amount of pain and hurt in them might make it much harder to reconcile them. As a matter of fact the couple might actually be better off on their own. Counselling is as important in this case as it is in bringing couples together. It helps in the process of letting go of past wounds and allowing for forgiveness. They will in this way part ways in peace having cleared whatever issues that saw them break up in the first place making it possible for a fresh start.

What Research About Counselors Can Teach You

What Research About Counselors Can Teach You