Noticed the Falling Hair – Straight Hair Weft

If you have to make nothing of falling hair, so, please carefully read.

A root intact hair suddenly broke into two pieces, known as broken conditions. It is different with hair loss, out of this is a complete. Perhaps on weekdays, you will only care about their own lost much, but don’t let themselves occasionally found broken hairs.

In fact, broken hair is the biggest culprit reduction!

How is the broken resolved?

Why there is a broken happened?

Healthy conditions, the middle is the core, protection of the cuticle outside. When your hair enough solid, can make food in the open, to give it complement nutrition, but also can be closed to prevent against external invasion. However, once the external environment is too strong, the cuticle will be destroyed, it protects the core would not exist, this time, the hair gradually withered, broken hair produced!

To dye and perm

In fact, stylish style does not necessarily composed of hair coloring and perm, spend a little effort and creativity in your haircare, and with some exquisite small amount, your hair can also be very outstanding.

When you are far away from the damage of great perm lotion and coloring agent. Your hair, come very naturally will be significantly improved!

A lot of care tips

Shampoo every day, once considered to be the best way to nourished. In fact, not so. Wash it every day will make it in a tense state of absorption every day, like eating, Cambodian Straight hair weft, you have to support, not necessarily can absorb.

You have to give your hair enough time to breathe, let it absorb nutrients and pollutants discharged. Every 1-2 day as well, avoid the use of highly alkaline shampoo, every time I wash my hair, be sure to use conditioner.

In addition, after shampooing can’t use dry towel dry, wet hair is at the most vulnerable state, if you use a towel to rub ah rub rub, it will make your hair tortured, if wash the head immediately with a dryer, then you will go from bad to worse.