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Perks Of Hiring A Designated Driver

Drunk driving is not right at any given time.It is a crime in any country. Due to impaired vision and poor decision making accidents can be caused easily.We all would like to have fun with our friends and take one or two bottles. Have fun but assign someone who is sober to take the wheel. You can ask your friend to drive you.

Having a designated driver allows you to enjoy without any worries.It allows you to fulfill your primary goal of the night which is to have maximum fun.You can take as many wine glasses or beer bottles as you would like. This is only possible if you have hired a designated driver.You have no worries of how to get home or whether you will be caught by traffic police due to driving when drunk.

Your safety is guaranteed. Unlike driving when drunk you will be safe when the driver driving you is sober. You get to be dropped off at the bar and picked when it is time to go home, you also protect other people who are using the road too. Driving when drunk is not only dangerous to you but other road users. Statistics have proven that most accidents are influenced by poor driving.Driving when drunk is the highest cause of all reckless driving accidents.

Getting ticket of DUI is not a very exciting thing. You can get sentenced for some jail time. Instead of getting you locked up for some years because you could not resist driving when drunk is not worth it. You may even get life in jail due to some mistake that you did when driving like causing death.You can spend unnecessary money in paying heavy fines due to DUI.

After partying make sure you have a designated driver to take you home. Do not just hire anyone, ensure that you vet them. It is aimed at making sure that the driver you hire has no hidden agendas to take your for granted when you are drunk.They should have all the proper documentation on driving. Do not get a minor without a license but can drive and call them your designated driver. IT can even land you to more trouble with the law for it is child abuse. You can also get one of your friends to be the sober drivers as the rest of you have fun. Do not let that night be the last that you will have such fun because you will have driven drunk. It can be the day you leave the earth due to a grisly road accident that could have been avoided by having a designated driver.

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