3 Ways To Treat Whiplash

Car accidents are unintended, and the consequences depend on the circumstances surrounding the incident. Medical problems can come up that may plague a person for years to come.

There are common injuries that occur, even in the simplest of accidents. Whiplash is one such injury. When dealing with the nagging pain of whiplash, a person may seek whiplash treatment hillsboro or to help ease the symptoms. While there are many ways to treat the muscles impacted by whiplash, these three are some of the most common.

1. Medication

Whiplash is caused by the force of an impact, typically from behind. While no part of the body may strike the inside of the vehicle, it doesn’t need to for pain and injury to result. The snap of the neck back and forth can be violent enough to cause the muscles to tighten and develop small tears that are undetectable by diagnostic testing. The tightness and pain that results may limit motion for a time. Muscle relaxers are often the first step in treating whiplash. They work to ease this tension and tightness, allowing the body to start the healing process.

2. Hot and Cold Treatment

Ice packs can be applied to the neck in an attempt to help the muscles further loosen and to stimulate blood flow to the area. When fresh oxygen and nutrients make it to the affected muscles, they can begin to start to close the tears. Some doctors will suggest alternating ice and hot packs to spur the blood and healing to the sore muscles in the neck.

3. Physical Therapy

If the pain and stiffness linger too long, the range of motion may become deeply affected. As such, physical therapy, including massage and exercises, may be prescribed. These movements may help to stretch muscles and stimulate blood flow. Over time, the movement of the neck returns to normal with little or no residual pain.

Some whiplash injuries may require further treatment and may signal other issues. Visiting a doctor or hospital soon after an accident may help shorten recovery time.