Quick Ways To Pass The Drug Test In Your Working Place

You just have to check online for ways to pass a drug test on short notice, and you will see numerous examples and an overwhelming amount of guides on how to cleanse your blood, urine, saliva, and hair.

The idea is that you can easily find methods as well as techniques that will help you pass a drug test, but you have to follow specific guidelines that will help you along the way.

It does not matter if you have to pass it in the future or tomorrow, the process will require both products and time so that you can do everything in your power to cleanse yourself or to mask the drug content.

We recommend you to check out the guide on how to pass a urine drug test quickly today, which will provide you the possibility to cleanse yourself in a matter of hours. Every single test features a specific weakness that you can take into account and use it to pass it.

However, before we start talking about specifics, we have to start from the very beginning.

Different Types of Drug Tests

  • Urinalysis – When it comes to urine screening, you should have in mind that it is one of the most common choices among employers and for personal use because it is simple to administer, it will provide you immediate results, and it is highly accurate when compared with other tests that you can find on the market. Since it is the most popular, people found numerous ways to beat and tamper with it. That is why most employers decided to implement lab urinalysis, which is much more challenging to beat. However, they are still not that popular, and in most cases, employers use them to confirm a failed test due to some ramification issues.
  • Hair Drug Screening – This particular type of analysis is the most challenging to beat because it requires the strand of your hair with the idea to check its content. The main problem is that it can detect long-term usage, which means everything you consumed in the last three months. At the same time, administrators can easily take samples from your body in case you do not have enough on your head. Even though they are the most expensive drug screening method, in the last few years, employers started conducting it more and more because it is toughest to cheat.
  • Mouth Swab – We can also call it saliva drug analysis, and you should remember that it is the least invasive method, and results will come immediately, which means in a matter of minutes. You will not be able to use any product or detoxification method so that you can cleanse your saliva, which means that it is unbeatable when compared with other tests. However, its disadvantage is a short window of detection, which means that most drug metabolites will leave your saliva in a few days.
  • Blood Test – We can consider these tests as golden standards that started years back, and they are the most accurate. However, in the last few years, they are least commonly used since their invasive procedure and necessity of health care professional and setting. In most cases, law enforcement and insurance companies are conducting this particular type of screening.

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It is essential to understand that you can consider numerous reasons that could affect the results of the test such as the way the sample is stored, the way it was implemented, whether you drank or ate beforehand, and whether you are consuming prescription medications.

Tips on How to Pass a Drug Screening

Apart from the idea that each screening method comes with certain advantages and weaknesses, you should learn other things that may affect your outcome, such as:

Drug Detection Times

This is an essential factor because it will provide you the ability to calculate the time you need to abstain from usage so that you can pass a test with ease.

However, you should have in mind that detection times can depend from a drug that you have consumed, frequency of consumption, and personal factors such as overall health, level of exercise, diet, and metabolic rate.

  • It Depends From The Test – Everything depends on the type of screening method that your employer decides to conduct. For instance, when it comes to blood, drugs will leave bloodstream in a few days. However, hair and urinalysis can maintain the levels of drug metabolites up to three months based on the factors we have mentioned above.
  • It Depends From Drug You Consumed – The main problem is that most illicit drugs will leave your system in a matter of days, while cannabis, which became legal for medicinal and recreational use, can stay in your body for months after consumption.
  • Personal Factors – The first and most important fact you should check is the frequency and amount of use. Consuming small doses are not detectable for a long time, but if you are a chronic pot smoker, you will need at least a month to cleanse yourself thoroughly. At the same time, metabolic rate is vital, because if you have a faster metabolism rate, you will be able to speed up the process of detoxification. The metabolism depends on the level of exercise, a diet that you consume as well as the percentage of body mass and fat content.

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Things to Do Before Testing

  • Avoid Medications and Alcohol – If you have some specific vitamin routine that you are following, you should try to avoid it before testing. At the same time, try to avoid smoking as much as you can, because the fewer toxins you have in your body, the faster you will need to detoxify completely.
  • Self-Discipline – Try to avoid any toxins that may surround you, even second-hand smoke. You do not want to risk failing the test just because you were in the same room as people that smoked weed. At the same time, you have to learn that drinking water is vital for boosting your metabolic rate and increasing the pace of detoxification.